How To Be A Good Writer? Remember This Article

How To Be A Good Writer? Remember This Article

Hey welcome to Write Quote, we’re here with you for another episode of writerly quotes of the week. How to be a good writer? ok. What’s our quick i I’ve got it we’re just going full out with our love here Stephen King today. The quote is if you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write simple as that I think there’s a ton of truth. in that statement, I think knowing a little bit about stephen king’s work schedule. There is more truth in that statement, i think that knowing a lot of the work does stephen king is done there is more, more truth in that statement, I think you look great in my suit but let’s not just keep this going here.


How To Be A Good Writer? Remember This ArticleI look like I’m about to get made, I love it, I love it but there, that is absolute truth To be a good writer, you must be a good reader, to be a good reader it helps, to be a good writer. They go hand in hand and I think that’s . What our focus was when, we made this channel is to address both writers and readers, yes we’re separate people but to be glued at one you must have an understanding of the effort, yeah at least at minimum practice, practice,practice, I think that every every every word.


You write makes you one word, better as a writer every book, you read makes you how many words better as a writer, because you’re not only picking up the good. Things that you do like, I think that a big part of being a reader as a writer is understanding. The bad things as you don’t like them and I don’t want to say it’s a it is it’s an unachievable goal to say that i’m going to read everything, i’m going to read every single piece of literature, i’m going to write everything, I it is impossible at this point you will never be able to read everything.


You will never be able to dedicate every moment, of your life to writing you have to be able to balance, the two but i think what king is saying, here is in order to be successful with one you must harness the other as a tool you shouldn’t be afraid as a writer to dedicate. A day to reading, it’s necessary right the way the way, that I sort of think about it is for example as an athlete playing in a football.


Game makes you a lot better at foot, yes, yes but when you go to practice and you go through the tackling drills that’s like reading each drill makes you better at the sport but it’s in a different, way, yeah, ultra focused let me. Just you know, continue your example, I can’t go up to someone who is not read a book in 20 years and said here this is james joyce’s ulysses have a good day. Let me know, what you think of it by next week, right! you have to be trained as a reader to be a successful reader, you have to be trained as a writer you can’t just sit down and pour out five thousand words. A day right even if you are doing, free writing that that begins to wear on you. Yes, I, you have to warm up before you can run the marathon right and you have to go to practice, before you can play in the game exactly. I, I agree, wholeheartedly with King on this one, I think that we should be focusing our time, as writers to reading and as readers to writing.

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There has to be a happy balance between those two to be successful and when you take it. A step further outside of just the practice to facilitate writing. Mm, right you, you, I know plenty of writers in, I have known plenty of writers that didn’t read, because they were better than everything right yes! Oh Stephen King, I’m better than that or need to read, that exactly, I’m essential anyway, I don’t need to read that Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, eff scott, Fitzgerald, George Saunders.  ha you know, even if, even if, I’ve heard a lot of bad books, I’ve read

a lot of bad books and I learned from everyone, but as writers were almost inherently negative towards other writers, because we’re envious people, were jealous people right. we’re competitive people North America’s edited, but you have to be able to get over that and you have to be able to yield to the fact. That you must be reading other people’s writing, you have to give your riding up to be critiqued. which I’m notoriously bad at, well you also have to support the community for there to be a community, left to support you and taking it even further you’re an artist first and foremost. This is your craft therefore go support someone, who’s painting go support someone, who’s a musician it’s all one in the same really support us by hitting that subscribe button make sure, you follow us and share this article.


See you next time.

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